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25 March 2007

What is it like in married life?

Hokay... Now I know this entry'll spark some controversy amongst my friends. Especially my PaLS friends.

Cheh. Mentang-mentang ler ramai yang batch aku nak kahwin tahun nih (tiga tuh ramai ah). Okay, I'll defend myself here: I recently got a question from an friend asking about "kahwin waktu belajar". So here I am. Asking a more elaborate question. But then I'll to admit that I'm also curious la.

But then I'd still like to ask, especially those friends of mine yang dah kahwin, yang belum pun ok gak ah kalau nak comment jugak, how'd you guys plan for life after marriage? I mean... Is it that you have a life map, planned out well before marriage, or that you improvise a lot of things, just to fit with your other's life plans? What about income? If you get married during your studies, what about studies? How do you plan these things out?

Especially for the guys:
How do you arrange with the girls family? Income? What about walimah costs?

Especially for the ladies:
How did you decide to accept someone's proposal? Your parents okay with it?

If you guys think you kinda shy to comment riiiight here. Then send your answer to my email: yeop(dot)mayuru[@]gmail(dot)com

I really apreciate your participation. And I'll thank any of those who participate in advance. Thank you very much.

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