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29 March 2007


Referring to my last post.


The presentation was a success by my standards. I expected worse. And the start was kinda scary. But Allah let me have the tranquility to handle myself until the end.

So now I'd like to thank Allah first and foremost. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah!! There is no GOD but You Allah! And there is no fate but that which you have decreed. You laid down paths for each and every person, and you gave us strength to walk those paths. Verily, You burden not Your servants more than they could bear.

Then I'd like to thank my supervisor, Dr CTZ. She helped me through a lot of points where I felt hopeless already.

Then I'd like to thank my close friend and bro, Af. Who consoled my panic a few times and helped me deal with my stress. He also came to my presentation bring an ARMY of supporters along.

Then I'd like to thank Zakri. Who went through the same stressful moments with me. Who also faced the same situations as me. Who also guided me in doing my lit review.

Then I'd like to thank sooooo many of my friends who prayed for me. Whether in my knowledge or not. I thank you all. Truly... Your du'a was accepted by Allah.

Allahumma... Please reward my friends and acquiantances with what they truly deserve. Look not upon them with Your sight of anger, but look upon them with Your greatest sifah, arRahmah. You are the Most Gracious, You are the Most Merciful. Forgive the sins of my friends, and place them amomngst the Mu'minuun. Place them in Your Jannah. Bless them with Your love. For today they have prayed to you for my good, so I pray for them the same. Verily, You are the Acceptor of Prayers, You listen to your servants prayers and You answer in with Your rahmah...

Lastly O Lord, grant us peace and tranquility. Grant us love for You and Your love for us. Forgive our sins. Cleanse our souls. For You are the Maker, the Creator. You are closer than our jugular veins. You are the listener and the all-seeing. Accept us, accept our du'a, accept our solah, accept our 'ibadah, innaka arRahmaanu rRahiim.

Wasolla lLahu 'alaa sayyidinaa wahabiibinaa wamaulaanaa Muhamamad, wa'alaa aalihii washobihi wasallam. Subhanaka rabbi l-'izzati 'anmaa yashifuun, wasalaamun 'alaa l-mursaliin, walhamdu lillahi rabbi l-'aalamiin...

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