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17 March 2007

Hate Subordination; Like Autonomy

I am a person who dislikes subordination. But not all kinds I have to say though. I really dislike being subordinated by unauthorized people. If you get what I mean.
I dislike receiving orders from people who have no authority over me.
I dislike seeing people abuse their powers over me.
I dislike being forced by others.
I dislike being pressured by too much expectation.

However, I like being requested to do things by any kind of person, but please don't expect me to do it if I can't indulge.
However, I do like having a certain autonomy in whatever I do. I don't mind doing things for others, but please let me have my own way with it. You can criticise, but please do so in a way that doesn't even try to force me to change my way of doing things unless I want to.

You see... I am a person who does things according to my beliefs. If something does not tally to my belief, I find it hard to follow through. Hard. Very. So don't force me to do things I do not believe in.

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