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20 March 2007

ONE Word Only...

Type ONE Word only for each... And DO NOT EXPLAIN IT!!
Wooo... Hard wo doing this.

Yourself: fine.

Your Lover: uh...?

Your Hair: black.

Your Mother: sweet!

Your Father: respected.

Your Favorite Item: computer.

Your Dream Last Night: forgot.

Your Favorite Drink: juice.

Your Dream Home: muslim.

The Room You Are In: warm!!

Your Pets: comeyl!

What You Are Now: aching.

Who You Want to be in Ten Years: me.

What You Want to be in Ten Years: mu'min.

What You're Not: musyrik.

One of Your Wishlist Items: car.

Your Gender: male.

The Last Thing You Did: write.

What You Are Wearing: tshirt.

Your Favorite Weather: cool.

Your Favorite Book: A²C.

The Last Thing You Ate: nuggets.

Your Life: good.

Your Mood: stressed.

Favorite article of clothing: tshirt.

Favorite color: blue!!

School: SMIH.

Song: Firdaus.

Phew... There y'are.
Now, I hereby tag ALL these people! Muahahahaha!!

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