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28 November 2006

Cute!! My Ex-Naqib's Son

Daym... You'd never hear the end of that. A guy saying "Cuuute!!"?!

Here's why:

This here is Marwan. Marwan... Meet everyone else.

"Assalamu'alaykum everyone... I'm a bit shy..."

Created or Evolved?

I just read these 2 articles:

You know what my first thought was?
That evolutionists are hypocrites.

They claim that the Theory of Creation is UNSCIENTIFIC (yes... exactly their term) because it is not testable. Well... If you look at evolution, then you can see that it's not testable. That's why it remains a THEORY. Because it is NOT PROVEN. And it isn't proven because there are NO methods by which to TEST whether or not evolution is the process through which we came to be.

Read this:

That's actually a book. The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya. You can download the PDF. You can also read it online. You could also buy the hardcopy book if you want.

This disproves a lot of the claims of evolutionists. It also proves the impossibility of evolution.

My Ramblings on Evolution

Many people take evolution for granted because in their 'rational' minds, they cannot accept a power that rules over every single particle in the universe. It would mean an acceptance of power greater than man. THAT would not be acceptable.

Remember, men have limited memory. Men can only remember what is recorded in documents of all sorts and whatever they go through in their lifespan. Even the most intelligent of men cannot remember what is not recorded or not etched in their memory. What men do not remember... is the unknown. Men fear the unknown. Now THAT would be unacceptable.

So some men create a THEORY as to their origins. So as not to be insecure of their identities. Oh, they were told by Allah of where they came from alright:

"12. Man we did create from a quintessence (of clay); 13. Then we placed Him As (A drop of) sperm In a place of rest, firmly fixed; 14. Then we made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot we made a (foetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. so Blessed be Allah, the best to create!" (al-Mu'minuun:12-14)

But they cannot believe the scriptures... because those are from some "UNKNOWN HIGHER POWER". Which would be UNACCEPTABLE.

No... Not even when the Allah honours man with his status as khalifah (vicegerent):

"Behold, Thy Lord said to the angels: 'I will create a vicegerent on earth.' They said: 'Wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?- whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy holy (name)?' He said: 'I know what ye know not.' " (al-Baqarah:30)

So driven by disbelief they ponder based on some little animals. Remains of animals. Fossils of those long past. They made guesses. With nothing to confirm that he was wrong, he takes it for granted. He sees not that there was nothing to confirm he was right. Well... Humans are only humans. To be wrong... Now THAT would be unacceptable.

Then after some time... With pride he declares, "Our ancestors were... Apes!" Oh that would be true, but only for the Bani Israil:

"And well ye knew those amongst you (Bani Israil) who transgressed In the matter of the Sabbath: we said to them: 'Be ye apes, despised and rejected.' " (al-Baqarah:65).

Now to me and the Muslims... Having apes for ancestors? THAT would be unacceptable.

22 November 2006

Email Paranoia... Email, Email, Email...

Yup.... Like the title says.

I do NOT like chain mail. REALLY dislike. If I get any... Tup, tup, shut eyes... Open eyes. DELETED!

I do NOT like emails that give focus on "CONSPIRACY", oh pardon me, "ALLEGED CONSPIRACY". What with the Christian Cross on the roof of KUSTEM, Cross shaped pens, Allah's name allegedly printed on plastic cups, Allah's name allegedly printed on slipper soles... Aaaand many more.

I do NOT like forwarded emails. Especially if they were forwarded without thinking. ESPECIALLY when that already is true, the senders don't even know how to get rid of the annoying previous senders header. Yup... Exactly what it is. AN-NOY-ING!

I do NOT like rubbish email. The ones that when you read 'em, makes you gag. Ok, so maybe not gag. But enough to make you loath them anyway.

I do NOT like emails that were written as if you were writing a phone text message. What's the freakin' use of the QWERTY keyboard then?!? It's not even the Multiple-Key Keypad where you might have to type a number a few times to get what you want.

But... I don't know la... The seasons are changing. You know what it's called, E-MAIL. So it's easy to forward without thought. So it's easy to write garbage mail... Hey... It's not even expensive... Why SHOULD you labor to write... At one time in the past... If you want to send mail... At least you have to spend a few cents... And that's if the destination's relatively close, if you're mailing far away?? Probably it'll consume your Ringgits, dollars... So you write with FULL grammar and punctuation. You write the sentences BEAUTIFULLY... PEEEERRRGH... It WOULD be a GOOD READ. (Even though sometimes it also be good laughs).

But NOW... Nowadays people are lazier... Lazier to write, lazier to read... Yeah. You type and type... A few words and fatigue takes you... You don't even want to look at the keyboeard anymore. Yeah... It's tiring to actually THINK, isn't it? Yeah... It's understandable. There's a bunch of world problems to worry about. So why bother with emailing properly?!


If there's a lot to worry about... Don't forward useless email. Those that do not increase your Iman. Those that do not sharpen your mind. Those that are of no use but to stuff my inbox!

If there's a lot to worry about... Write properly. At least get the punctuations right. The capitals, the upper cases, the lower cases. A period here, a comma there. If even this you do not do... Then add another problem of the world: "LANGUAGE DISAPPEARS FROM THE MINDS OF THE YOUTH".

If there's a lot to worry about... Write about the observation on actual problems! Problems that thereaten the Iman! If choose not to write about problems, then write on how to solve them... Share your experiences! Don't write on something like "Cross Shaped Pen?!", or "Cross on KUSTEM's Roof?!", or... or... others, a lot of others, that are more ignorant... These articles... increase your amal? These articles... increase your iman? Many a but speculation... Fitnah is everywhere. Prejudice is everywhere.

If there's a lot to worry about... Why don't we look for sources of knowledge? The first; al-Qur'an. The second; as-Sunnah. The third; ijma'... and so on... Why do not verify the origins of news?? Why do we forward emails because we fear the "CHAIN LETTER" azab?! Where is your mind that Allah has gifted? Where is the soul that can the ? Where? Where?

He who is not satisfied with the attitude of people,
He who is not satisfied with his lowly self,
He who is frustrated with the laziness of the Ummah to think and comprehend...
He is I...

'Umayr Sayfurrahman bin Ainullotfi
Computer Science (Software Engineering).

17 November 2006

My Grandfather

I tried thinking of catchy titles for this entry... But no... NOthing came to mind.

Anyhow, in case anyone did not know yet, my grandfather met his last hour on Monday (13/11/2006). Probable cause: massive heart attack. At least that's what mom said based on the evidence.

That was the day of my second final paper. That was the day I was intending to celebrate being able to actually fill in more than 90% of the answers on that paper.

Lemme reiterate the events according to my POV. Here goes:

13 Nov 2006
I was at a friend's room when I got a call from my father asking me when's my next paper.

My feelings... Bewildered.

My guess... Something urgent came up.

Preparing to listen seriously, I buckled myself for any possibility that came to mind. The last time it was this serious was when my moyang died. I gave my answer, "On Friday. Why?"

"Atuk collapsed just now. Seems serious. We going back to kampung. Byang's staying, you?" my dad said. I do not remember exactly what he said, but the gist of it is all there I guess. All dialogue included are all approximations.

"Staying..." I replied. Well. I got an exam coming. And it's one of my critical subjects. maybe I didn't even want to believe the seriousness of the situation. Still, I thought, I had to be pragmatic. My brother also needs support on this end of Malaysia for his exams.

"OK. So later we'll be going. I'll keep you updated on Atuk's condition." Abah replied and hung up.

I kept to myself for a moment. Pondering the situation. I decided to stay for a while at my friends room.

Then Abah called again trying to arrange things here and for the team going back to kampung. And he said "Come home la Yeop. Easier to arrange things."

With that, I immediately went back.

Arrived home. Joined them for dinner. Then discussions started.

The original plan was as I said, for everyone but me and my bro Byang to go back to Ipoh. So we arranged it likewise. Then in the middle of dinner, Tok Polis (one of my father's uncles), called and advised for ALL of us going back, the situation seems really serious. So my father decided that we're all going back.

We finished dinner; prepared for travel. A long night's travel.

We took off. I drove the Merce; Angah drove the Iswara. The travel plan:
Destination: Ipoh, Perak
Detours: 1. Pick Mom up at Seremban (she had to attend a course), 2. Pick Mak Usu up at UPM

Some along the stretch of the Johor PLUS, Tok Polis called again. He confirmed that Atuk has now passed away.

Innaa lillahi wainnaa ilayhi raji'uun...

Arrived at Seremban, Allson Klana resort.

Pick Mom up. Driver & Co-driver shuffling.

Merce: Abah and Mom
Iswara: Angah and Yeop

14 Nov 2006
Arrived at Serdang. Picked up Mak Usu. Abah's bongsu sister who's only 4 years older than I am (more like a sister to me than an aunt).

Continued travels.

Stopped here and there for snacks, rest and toilet breaks.

Arrival at the destination.

We entered Atuk's house and we saw his body laid on his bed in the living room. It's kinda shocking. He looked so peaceful that might've only been sleeping.

Imagine the mix of emotions.

I guess there was a tiny bit of hope left that I began to wonder maybe he's only sleeping. Maybe there's a rise and fall of breathing still. But in the same moment... There was also acceptance. Acceptance that he was in this world no longer. There was a need to console Opah. There was a need to be her support, to be my father's support, to be my aunts' support; to be my family's support.


Determining that I couldn't do anything as yet. I prayed then slept.

My siblings woke me up. Got breakfast. Saw people coming in. All kinds of relatives and friends. Helped out here and there whenever I could. In my mind; I'm definitely going to solatkan Atuk.

Waited for RM Nazrin. Atuk was a close friend at the istana. So RM Nazrin wanted to show his respect and give his condolences.

So we waited. During that time, the amount of people coming accumulated. By 1130, the porch was full of people. God knows who they were. I didn't recognize many of them as family members; so I guessed they were the Dato's and orang besars.

RM Nazrin arrived. He prayed for Atuk and offered condolences to Opah and Abah as the family representatives.

Then he went.

And suddenly there was a lot less people. That's one of the things that ticked me off actually. Where most of these people here for my grandfather? Or just because the RM came? Allah knows... Nevertheless, it still ticked me off.

Atuk's bathing. I did not take part. Abah did though. I prepared for the Jenazah Prayer.

Prayed the Jenazah Prayer for Atuk. I realised that there was really nothing much I could do about his death. The only thing is to pray, pray and pray. So I prayed.

Allahumma ghfir lijaddiy, warhamhu, wa'aafihi, wa'fu 'anhu. Allahumma ghfir lahu, warhamhu, wa'aafihi, wa'fu 'anhu. Allahumma ghfir lahu, warhamhu, wa'aafihi, wa'fu 'anhu. Allahumma ghfir lahu, warhamhu, wa'aafihi, wa'fu 'anhu...

Abah made a speech as the only son of my grandfather. He mentioned the normal things; tuntutan hutang and whatnot. Then he mentioned Atuk. He mentioned the fact that Atuk brought him up. He mentioned the fact that Atuk was well respected by those who knew him. He mentioned Atuk with never a lack of stories/experiences to tell...

I cried... This was the only time I ever cried when we went back. I did not cry when we received news of his death. I did not cry when I saw his body. I did not cry lifting him up for bathing. I did not cry praying for him. But the tears were too sorrowful to hold back then. So I let it go...

Went to the Masjid. Did the Zuhr Solah. Did the Jenazah Prayer again. Prayed for Atuk again and again.

Went to the graveyard. Went through the talkin.

Then we went back to Atuk's house.


I guess the main events ended then. It was sudden. And it did happen at a critical time. With our exams and all.

BUT it did teach us some lessons.
  1. The age old lesson that death may come at a time not pondered. Yet this lesson always forgotten by most and many.
  2. Death may come in any way unexpected. Yet another lesson always forgotten; blown away by pleasure and fun.
  3. Death is not a thing to be feared. The weakness of the ummah is due to al-wahn. Love of adDunya; fear of death.
  4. It's OK to be sad. BUT never to utterly lose self-control over things that we may never control.
  5. Fateful events should be taken in stride. Such things should never slow your pace in life. Face it. Overcome it.

13 November 2006

Plans, Ambitions, Aspirations... But Short-Term?

Here's what I'm gotta do in the next weeks (I think... And God willing):

  1. Start to REALLY think about PSM I & II. Maybe convert one of my projects towards that end.
  2. Prepare exams (3 left as of now).
  3. Prepare software framework.
  4. Prepare software requirements specification doc.
  5. Take exams (like above; 3 left).
  6. Plan for certain "travel programs" (hehe! top secret). Two to be exact.
  7. Plan PPMT.
  8. Go to man a showcase on KRj.
  9. Go to one sister's wedding.
  10. Execute the "travel programs" mentioned above.
  11. Execute PPMT.
  12. Extort some free Iqra' members to go to a HEP program *laughs deviously at this*.
  13. Facilitate with R2J proceedings.
  14. Facilitate KRj activities.
  15. Register next semester subjects.
  16. Finish of ONE software design and implementation.
  17. Finish a few more books. Hopefully some 'ilmiyyah ones.
Oh God!! What IS this?? I am so gonna kill meself with this list... Don't take it literally!!

Salam dan Maaf

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullah...

Suatu ketika sedang ana bertaip² di komputer yang tak seberapa nih tetibe terfikir...

Aku nih... confirm ke dapat hidup lagi lepas nih? Aku nih... Macaaaam la dalam taip-menaip nih akan terus berpeluang bernafas... Terus berpeluang menggerakkan jari-jemari nih... Dapat terus berpeluang untuk melaksanakan semua apa yang terdapat dalam kepala nih....

Sesampainye fikiran tuh kat ana... Teringat...

Aku nih... Mulut aku bukannye baik sangat... Lelagi la jari nih... Mudah je nak kutuk orang kengkadang tuh. Tak kiralah... Sebut ke... Tak sebut ke... Tulis ke... Tak tulis ke... Ntah le ek... Pesaaaalla macam tak sedar diri jugak nih. Kalau terkene sakit... Kalau buat kalau buat kat orang, "Padan muka dia!" pulak... Isy... Isy... Ape aku nak jadi nih...

Terus menerus imbasan...

Aku nih... Macam confirm je leh masuk syurga. Dah ler amal tak tentu... Berterabur... Selalu menangguh... Ntahle. Kenapa nih?? Ya Allah!! Kenapa dengan aku nih?? Apakah takde sikit pun harapanku terhadap redhaMu?

Aku nih... Berangan amalan dah power... Perkara lagha masih lagi teruskan...

Aku nih... Berangan dah cukup da'wah. Tengok orang lain; JAAAUUUUUH lagi hebat! Sombong sangat... Keras sangat ke hati nih?? Ya Alllaaaaah! Lembutkanlah hati dan jiwaku ya ALLAH!

Terdetik pula...

Eh... Lama dah rupanya aku tak memohon ampun. Tak kiralah... Memohon ampun dari Allah lama tak buat. Mohon ampun dari keluarga pun lama gak. Kengkawan... LAAAAAAGIIlah.

Oleh itu....

Seandainya hidup ni ditakdirkan tidak melebihi saat ini di dunia. Ikhwan dan akhawatku seIslam... Maafkan ana, 'Umayr Sayfurrahman, atas apa silap yang pernah ana lakukan... Atas apa terkasar bahasa. Atas semua yang terlepas kata. Atas tanggungjawab yang terlepas. Atas semua kesalahan dan kesilapan. Maafkanlah.... Maafkanlah... Maafkanlah setulus hati...

'Umayr Sayfurrahman bin Ainullotfi
Computer Science (Software Engineering)

09 November 2006

My Siblings And I

I was rummaging in my father's website when I found these. Cute aren't we? Heheh!

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