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16 March 2007


I say maturity depends on what you base your actions on. Whether your "wants" or "needs".

In which case, I know I am more immature than I am matured. I've been doing lotsa stuff based on my wanting to do it. And I don't do anything/almost anything that I don't want to. See?

Here are some examples:
  1. My father says I should go for engineering :: but then hey, I hate the hassle that goes with engineering, so I take something I really WANT -> Computer SCIENCE.
  2. Many of my fellow brothers in UTM says I should focus da'wah in UTM, not KRj :: but then hey, I don't see why I shouldn't still stay in KRj and do da'wah in UTM. Besides, I WANT to stay in KRj.
  3. I have been told to focus my attention quite a number of times. Well, the advice is mostly due my joining lotsa things. :: But then hey, I WANT to join lotsa things. I'm the reaaaally curious type, see?
  4. I buy things on impulse. How did you think I got this computer? :: I bought it after two days of WANTing to buy it. Simple as that.
  5. Speaking of impulses, here's another :: I WANT to be an entrepreneur. Why? Because a friend sparked the idea in me, and I got fired up.
See? Impulsive ain't I? And the definition I gave in the first statement of this entry, I am still immature.

Anyone else with a similar case to mine? Do you all agree or disagree?

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