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31 March 2007

Internet Entrepreneurship

I'm gonna go for that course today. My lecturer said that internet entrepreneurship is one of the biggest and fastest return businesses. One estimation he did showed that he could get back his initial investments in a month. Actual application showed returns in THREE WEEKS!!

And I'm not talking about all this MLM thingies here... Hopefully. I may have mentioned it before, or I may have not... But I'll mention it again just in case, I dislike MLM. The system doesn't feel sound to me. My moral instincts also flare up whenever anyone approaches me with the MLM paradigm. I don't say that MLM is ALL bad. But it's that most MLM agents focus little on the product, and due to that, I have a distaste for MLM because of it's syubhahness.

Getting back to this internet business, the fast returns rate is plausible to me. This is due to the worldwide access to the internet. Connect your business to the net, and you get a global market instantaneously. IF you know how to market your product.

Regarding my reasons for going, I thought why don't I have a look? I do plan to do business in the future. But as to how, i have no idea yet. I wanna look at my options. If this internet business is indeed lucrative (and hopefully within the boundaries of syari'ah), I might implement my plans over the holidays. Planning for a stable income by next year. Wouldn't that just be great? Heheh! I know it would...

So my reasons are that, and the fact that this course counts in my entrepreneurship cocurricular course. Of course... That cannot be denied.

Yours truly,
One who dislikes being bound by the restrictions of money.
Bismillahi rRahmaani rRahiim...

May Allah make me amongst His grateful servants, may he make my heart firm on the His
Siraatu l-Mustaqiim. May he never make my heart waver between the adornments of the world, and the path towards Him and His ridha.

Rabbiy, taqabbal minniy solatiy wadu'aaiy innaka enta s-samii'u l-'aliim. Watub 'alayya innaka enta t-tawwabu rRahiim. Washolla lLahu 'alaa saiyyidinaa Muhammad, wa'alaa aalihi washohbihi wabaarik wasallim. Walhamdu lilLahi rabba l-'aalamiin.


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