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22 March 2007

My Handwriting...

[Click to see it larger.]

Nope. Not proud.

But then hey. Lawa la jugak kan! Heheh!

Why did I do this?
I was tagged by Kak Aliya.

And now I'm tagging:
...anyone who reads this. I know... Evil. But hey... My blog. So there.

Hooooo-kay. So mebbe I didn't explain enuff.

Those things I wrote are called pangrams. Pangrams: sentences which contain ALL letters in the alphabet. At least the roman text is. The jawi text isn't. It's just plain nonsense aimed at showing off your writing to the world (who reads your blog).

Hokay. So if you're tagged, what've you gotta do?

  1. Write, "How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!" and "All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge". In Roman.
  2. Then write, "Saya makan nasi campur dengan ikan dengan lambat dan tamak sekali, maka awak bersabar sahajalah". In Jawi. See my writing for reference on spelling in case you are unsure.
  3. Capture an image of those writings. Scan it, take a picture of it, I don't care, but just do it.
  4. Exhibit it on your blog. Include comments if you like. But also include instructions like these. Okay? Fair enough so far?
  5. Then you are free to tag others. Usually two others. (hey... kesian ah kat orang lain tak dapat tag sesape, heheh! sebab tuh I tag anyone je yang baca. sebab macam dah takde orang dah. atau aku yang malas pikir... hmm)

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