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22 August 2006

Reflect and See

Yesterday - Pondering and reflection.
Today morning - Boredom and confusion.
Today afternoon - relaxation and a bit of elation.
Now - darn where will i find me?!

21 August 2006

Pain of Thought

I have to settle my Literature Review. It's a pain. It's a pain to think about.

20 August 2006

01 August 2006

OMG! Still Many?!

Yeah!! Still many people that I haven't added to my friend list!!

Oh God... I gotta find some time...

Sorry youse all... I'll try later.

Birth And Death

This is a poem I made for some people's birthdays.
Dunno if I got the english right though... Wanted it to be somewhat classic. Heh!

A year passeth hence,
That meaneth a year less...
A year less to live,
Yet a year more of life lived.

Reflect thy soul in the memories...
Taketh from it lessons
With which thou may liveth truer and better.
Thus liveth true to thy principles,
Thou then shalt be content to thy heart.

For thus...
Art wisheth thou good birthday,
For that it bringeth meaning to.

First Malay??

Hey! i just noticed!
My last post was my first in Malay!

*allows myself to bask in a rather profound sense of discovery*

Cinta... Benarkah Cinta Ini?

Kerap dicari di mana jua,
Terdorong kegersangan di jiwa manusia.
Tergalak dek kekosongan diri yang melopong hampa,
Tanpa iman tanpa agama.

Apakah benar cinta yang dicari?
Dikait cinta dengan nafsu durjana?
Diikat cinta dengan kepesongan dunia?
Dinama cinta pabila kegirangan terasa...
...lantaran perbuatan yang asasnya dosa?

Namun cinta sebenar yang perlu dicari...
Cinta pada Allah yang tak kunjung mati...
Cinta hakiki yang kekal abadi...
Cinta yang tak kenal noda atau kotoran diri...
Cinta pada ilah yang padaNya kita Abdi...
Cinta ikhlas padaNya yang tulus suci...
Berapa ramaikah berjaya mencari?
Berapa jiwakah mampu menghayati?

Hanya padaNya kita kembali...
Cinta lainnya kan kian pergi...
Meninggalkan diri ini...
Melayar sepi,
Di pelabuhan ukhrawi...
Yang tidak mampu manusia kembali...

Kembalilah manusia, kepada Allahu Rabbiy...

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