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29 March 2007


I am a sentimental person.
I value my emotions highly.
Although most of the time I show it not,
Believe me...
My emotions are there.

I cry easily.
I cry as I read books (some books).
And when I understand,
I cry reading the Qur'an.
I cried when reminded of my sins to Mom (forgive me Mom),
I cry when remembering times I was "kurang-ajar" to Abah (I apologise Abah).
I have cried my heart out sometimes.
But it makes me feel no less macho for all the crying I have done.
With macho meaning manly.

I empathize easily.
I have cried when I see my dear "adik-adik" KRj crying.
I have felt elation when my siblings and friends achieve something.
I have consoled when my closest need consoling.
But misunderstand not,
For my closest are my friends and family.
I have been excited when I delve into projects,
Oh so many and so wide a variety.
Thus far, I hope, it was all in sincerity.

I take to anger slowly, alhamdulillah.
InsyaAllah not because of indifference.
I dislike being angry, it hurts my heart and my body.
I dislike being angry, it severs me from my connection to God.
I dislike being angry, it drives me towards deeds unthought.

I love my family and friends.
And I'm not afraid to write it.
Although to say it...
Takes more courage that may I have to push it.
I love Allah, for all that He has given me.
I find that I cannot repay Him no matter what is done.
So I beseech Him to place amongst the grateful of His servants.

I like people praying for me.
I hate the action of looking down on me.
Though I still can't hate the person who does so.
For it is not my nature to hate so unwisely.

And with all that,
I make proof,
That I,
Sentimental Person...

'Umayr SRA.
Loud Dude, tryina be humble...

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