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31 March 2007

Abah's Friend's Wedding Day

Yep. Like in the title... I met the Pakcik who was with us when we were overseas in UK. He saw me and immediately knew we were Abah's family. Hohoho! Trust me to look like the young Abah.

Hohoho! I'm sooooo sengal nak target jugak 31 posts!

Post number 30. Only 1 more to go!!!

Sebenarnya takde banyak pun nak citer kat sini. Just that we met this one pakcik who was with us uring our time in Coventry, UK. Dia kawin on this tarikh.

The day before, he met Abah, and had a long chat. Pastu dah dia jemput datang walimah dia, kiterang pun datang ah jadi wakil Abah since Abah tak dapat pergi. He recognised me as being related to Abah the moment he saw me. Haha! That would prolly be the most significant part of the storeh...

Pastu makan.

Pastu photo shoot skali ngan him and wife.

Pastu "thank yous" and gratitudes.

Pastu cabut plak gi tempat lain.

The end.

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