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03 May 2007


Know why I put up the charisma question?

I said it was a matter of identity. And it was. Still is. I'm getting to be doubtful of my will/skill/credibility to lead people.

It seems that I have more WANT than CAPABILITY to lead. To me this feeling is dangerous. It endangers my sincerity. It endangers the principles I stand for.

I also feel like I have been lax this past semester in many things. From my emotional self. To my physical self. To my mental self.

I have beenm lax at so many things at when I arrived at the turning point where I decided to swing everything back the right way, it was so darned bad, that I stressed myself seriously with all my problems.

I guess bad habits haunt. And my bad habits are precisely the reason why I'm going to decline posts. Among others are:
  1. Procrastination.
  2. Laziness.
  3. Lack of spirit.
  4. Forgetfulness.
  5. Loss of faith.
I will not elaborate. It's enough that I say these bad habits, if you have them, will haunt you. It's enough that I say these bad habits will cause you enough trouble to get rid of them if you procrastinate in getting rid of them. It's enough that I say, don't be like me and be amongst those who take reminders and accept.

An article on leadership:
Kepimpinan: Dari Kuasa Mahu Ke Mana? from

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