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26 May 2007


It seems that my drive and my connections are all related to a sense of getting to know myself.

Two semesters ago, when I took the entrepreneurship class the lecturer asked some questions. The basic events went approximately like this:
Lecturer: Who here can claim to know themselves?
*a show of hands, but only a little; myself included*

Lecturer: Who here can claim to know themselves 50%?
*another show of hands, albeit a bit less; myself included again*

Lecturer: 70%?
*even less hands, countable by the fingers on one hand; myself still included*

Lecturer: 90%?
*only my hand was raisd now*

Now after a long time has passed. I reflect back on my claims. At the time, I supported my argument (for an argument it was) with these claims:
"...if a person knows that he/she is always learning about his/her self, then he/she knows hself very well..."

"...a person knows himself fully if he understands that he change in the next second..."
Now as I look back, I wonder if that was just arrogance playing on my not-wanting-to-lose nature.

I am an empathic person. I tend to look at people and see myself in almost each and every one. I feel sad when people are sad, because I see my sad when faced with the same circumstances. I feel people's vigour and happiness when they are so, because I see their situation in reflection of a similar happiness-inducing situation.

When i always relate what happens to people and how it affects them, it tends to make me question myself. Readdress my identity. My idea of myself.

As such, when events happen in my life, they almost always force me into reforging my identity. Making me emerge with a renewed sense of self. Albeit, not always with a good perception of who I am.

Thus far this year... There have been at least two major path definitions of my life. And that means two major reforgings of my soul and my self. In turn, affecting all else that I touch.

I dunno... I just hope that all of my identity reforgings are for the best. I guess it happens in all of us. Always... Always... Always the search for who we are. Always again the defining and redefining.

But then I wonder... if that is what makes us human. Allah knows. I leave it to Him to guide me.

الله أعلم

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