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08 May 2007

Farsyi t-Turaab!

This song is deep. If you really listen then you would know not to waste life on earth.

Here are the lyrics:

فرشي التراب
فرشي التراب يضمني وهو غطائي
حولي الرمال تلفني بل من ورائي
واللحد يحكي ظلمة فيها ابتلائي
والنور خط كتابه أنسى لقائي
والأهل اين حنانهم باعوا وفائي
والصحب اين جموعهم تركوا اخائي
والمال اين هناءه صار ورائي
والاسم اين بريقه بين الثناءِ
هذي نهاية حالي فرشي الترابِ
والحب ودّع شوقه وبكى رثائي
والدمع جف مسيره بعد البكاء
والكون ضاق بوسعه ضاقت فضائي
فاللحد صار بجثتي أرضي سمائي
هذي نهاية حالي فرشي الترابِ
والخوف يملأ غربتي والحزن دائي
أرجو الثبات وإنه قسما دوائي
والرب أدعو مخلصا أنت رجائي
أبغي إلهي جنة فيها هنائي

Here's a translation of the lyrics [reedited: 10.5.2007]:

Dust is My Bed
Meshary AlArada
-translation touched up by YM-

Dust is my bed,
It embraces me And it is my cover.
The sand surrounds me even behind my back
And the grave tells a dankness of my affliction
And the brightness draws a line...
Forgetting its meeting with me.

And family... Where is their love?
They sold my loyalty!
They sold my loyalty!
My loyalty!

And friendship... Where is it all?
They left my brotherhood!
They left my brotherhood!
My brotherhood!

And wealth... Where is its bliss?
It is behind my back now
And reputation... Where does it shine between praises?
This is my end and dust is my bed

And love farewelled longing and my lament cried
And the tears went dry after the crying
And the universe became small in its wideness...
...and thus did my space
And the grave became my ground; my sky
This is my end and this is my bed

Fear fills my estrangement and sadness is my illness
I expect firmness and I swear it’s my cure
And for Allah i pray faithfully, you are my hope
Allah! I desire heaven, to find bliss in it

And for Allah i pray faithfully, you are my hope
Allah! I desire heaven, to find bliss in it.

Comment: The original translation was rather weird, so I changed/paraphrased some parts of the lyrics - with help from a friend who understands Arabic. Hopefully it doesn't seem so weird now.

The line:
والحب ودّع شوقه وبكى رثائي so daym hard to tranlate!! Daym...
أستغفر الله

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