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28 May 2007


Do you notice that when we KNOW something is forbidden or unrecommended, but we WANT to it anyway, we just do it?
"...hati kata jalan, kita jalan; walaupun akal kata jangan..."

"...the heart says walk, and we walk; although the mind says don't..."
This is why it's even worse when we deal with matters of syubhah (unclear or fuzzy matters of law). We tend to compromise principles and do what we WANT because the mind KNOWS nothing to keep the heart in check.

People are emotional creatures. That's the gist of being human. Without emotions men are dull and rational beings. Without emotions there is no thinking out of the box. Thus the mind would die from monotoneity. Thank God for emotions. For with emotions there is a drive to strive for the better. A barrier to block from mental decline. So long as the heart is guided by Allah and founded on taqwa.

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