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30 May 2007


Milestones of life are those defining points where you reevaluate yourself and your identity. You think back on who you are. You think about who you currently are. Then you think about who you will be in the future.

These milestones might come at any point of your life. When you are still small, still unable to understand the significance of events. When you grow into your teenage years, able to think yet still lacking emotional control. And later on in life, when you mature into your years, able now to appreciate and grasp control of a significant portion of your life. Yet still, however, subject to fate and destiny.

It could be that the milestone is one significant event or a multitude or few. A tragedy or a victory. But always... Always we remember those events. The divorce of parents, or a marriage of two people. The death of a dear one or the birth of a child. The failure at university or a graduation with first class. The worst exam score or the best. But always, always a significance. Always, always leaving a deep emotional touch to the soul.

What defines us is how we learn from those events. How we take lessons from our experiences. How we analyse the aspects of the events. How we feel the emotions related and manifest them in our lives. Ultimately that is what forges us to be what we are. Who we are.

We cannot see what is to happen in the future, but we can plan. We can anticipate current events and act for the future. Thus there is no reason as such to blame God for the path he has determined for us. He has given us will. He let us have ikhtiyar. He gave us what we now have to use as our resources. From our minds to our sights to our hearts to our expressions and emotions. He gave us the right to utilise all we have at our hands to be creative with. To explore our possibilities, to plan, to hope for the future with. To assist with solving problems.

Thus we can anticipate milestones as best we can with the faculties Allah has provided. It may not come to pass as we might have foreseen. But nevertheless, it will always be something to be learnt from.

As of now... I am myself anticipating a milestone in my life. Would it come to pass as I hope it would? I should hope so... For the time between now and then, I ask Allah for the best. Though best for me might not be the best in my limited view.

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