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24 May 2007


Surah arRahman read by Syeikh AsSyaatiri.

It's ben a long time since I wrote this post. This post is, insyaALLAH, another Qur'an reflection on my life.

Recently things have been happening that forced me to reconsider about taking things for granted. As I read the verses, I tried to understand what meaning is being conveyed.
The meaning behind the repetitions of the question,
"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?" [arRahman:13]
I have an overwhelming thought in my mind. Focused on few things that make me excited; make me thrive. Yet sometimes in my zeal I forget that nothing is for granted.

Yes, Allah lays upon us with all these gifts of life. Whether we know it or appreciate it, they exist. Allah is arRahman. The Merciful. He gives, whether or not his servant believes. Whether or not his servant loves him. He provides. Regardless of race. Regardless of stature. Regardless of anything.

When I read that verse and the each of the gifts he reminds us of the surah, I thought, "how could I have forgotten??"

I think to myself, you think too little on being grateful but you take his provisions for granted. You think that if you want it, its as simple as asking Him for it, hoping for it, and He will give it. Regardless.

I thought to myself, how could I have forgotten that I have no amount of power to force God even a little, but that He has all the power to lay my path down for me. He has all the power to set my future. He has all the power to do anything He wishes to me. And I... Have none to stop it, if so He wills on me.

I remembered that in all my twenty-one years of experience in life, I should have asked Him and then hanged my fate on Him. There is no coercion on Him, but to lay hope on Him... That is how it should be. I should place my hopes and pray for all the best. So that all my business may come to a good resolution.

So now I pray... That there be peace. I pray for all my connections to be well bound. And that they are bound on the basis and foundation of taqwa. That we all pray for forgiveness of our sins if there have been any. That we all place all our hopes on Allah. For He determines all. I truly hope for the best in my life. And the lives of those that I touch. I truly hope for understanding. The first of which is my undertstanding of others. And the next of which is others' understanding of me.

I truly pray that whatever I do does not beckon fitnah. Of any sort and every sort. For that, I place my hopes in Allah, that He would accept my du'a and forgive my sins.

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