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28 April 2007

Weekend Hiatus

I notice that there's almost always a hiatus of online activity amongst those of whom I know during the weekend. I have several assumptions on this observation.

  1. Most access the internet only at their offices. No access from home.

  2. Weekends are for "away" activities. Activities that include going out of the house and running here and there. (I know at least one friend who is always in another state during the weekends, heheh! You know who you are!)
I'm inclined to believe that [1] is the most probable cause for the sudden lack of activity. I surmise that most of my friends don't have internet connections at their homes/residences. I guess it could be due to the fact that many are bachelors... Naaaaah, totally irrelevant. But seriously, I dunno... Why don't you all install broadband at home? Easier ah...

I'd understand, however, if you guys were living campus lives. i don't think many Universities in Malaysia has made internet/global connectivity a priority. My Uni doesn't even have campus-wide-and-easily-accessible internet. Sengal gak ah.

It seems that a good many of my friends are busy weekend activists. These kinda people... I respect. Art strive; shalt thee achieve.

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