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25 April 2007

Muslim Texts Online

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله, إخواني وأخواتيّ

I just want to share some sources for Muslim texts that I found online:

  1. The Qur'an and its Translations: This is a site maintained by Saudi government (if I am not mistaken). I usually use this site to check and verify Qur'anic ayahs. It has a search function that makes it rather easier to find verses. But what I like most about the online Qur'an is that I can find verses I need almost immediately.

  2. Qur'an Transliteration: Now this site, I reaaally like. Imagine how hard it is if you know an Arabic phrase in the Qur'an but you know not where it lies. You also don't know enough Arabic to search for it online. The only thing you know about the phrase is how it sounds. This is the site for you. It uses romanized phonetics of Qur'anic verses in order to find the right verse. You can write in almost any way that distinguishes the sound of the verse and it'll find it for you. Very useful.

  3. Forty Hadith: The Forty Hadiths compilation of Imam Nawawi is a popular referential text used by Muslims the world over. It compiles forty hadiths that are referred to by some as describing core principles of Islam after the Qur'an.

  4. Sahih Bukhari: The most referred to book on the Knowledge of Hadith. Imam Bukhari was a renowned hadith scholar. he had very good memory, and during his time, he strived to cleanse the 'Ilm of Hadith from being subject to lies and deceit.

  5. Sahih Muslim: Imam Muslim was another scholar of Hadiths. Both he and Imam Bukhari was referred to as two of the greatest Muslim Hadith scholars.

  6. Malik's Muwattha': Imam Malik was one the imams of the four most renowned madzhabs of Fiqh (Islamic Understanding). His book on Hadiths, the Muwattha' was reported to have been memorized by his student Imam Syaf'ie at an early age. This book is one of the many references to hadiths in the world of Islamic understanding.

  7. Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut Agama Islam: [added 27/4/2007] This is a Malay book translated from Arabic (if I'm not mistaken). It contains points on the basics of Islam with references to where in the Qur'an or Hadith the points are mentioned. Very good book for beginners in learning Islam.

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