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02 April 2007

Reminder for anyone whose heart listens...

"Indeed in that is a reminder for those who has a heart or those who listens while he is present [in mind]" [Qaaf:37]

"Sungguh, pada yang demikian itu pasti terdapat peringatan bagi orang-orang yang mempunyai hati atau yang menggunakan pendengarannya, sedang dia menyaksikannya" [Qaaf:37]

The Qur'an. The more and more I understand it, the more and more I come to love it. The messages so touch the heart. The readings of a good qari' even more so.

But then Allah has mentioned this matter in the Qur'an itself! And that is why I included the ayat above in this post. Because the Qur'an is just that. A reminder. A guide.

It's beautiful. Even more so to hearts that listen. Heart that yearn and cry for guidance from Allah.

I am no muffasir to tafseer this ayat so lightly. But just cannot deny the truth behind it. When you have spent years of reading the Qur'an without opening your heart to it. Without comprehending it. You would definitely feel a difference when you want to delve into it. You would feel a difference when you want to scoop knowledge from it. You would feel a difference when you want to turn to Allah's Words for comfort adn soul-soothing. MasyaAllah, the beauty of the feelings that arise. Only God knows.

This is one of the ayats in the Qur'an which you would not appreciate its beauty if you do not observe and do. You must read the Qur'an to appreciate this ayat's beauty. You must set your heart to listen to the Qur'an, so as to know its beauty. You must try to understand, for you to wholely accept, that verily, Allah's words are more consoling than the best of entertainments in this world.

And that my brother... I can testify to.

It is only our hearts sometimes darkened by our bad deeds that place a hijab over our souls. That our souls find it hard to appreciate beauty so covered by a veil of sins.

It is only our hearts sometimes lost in a sea of bewilderment and doubt. Faced with the many lies and fitnah of this world that we are lost and misunderstand the Qur'an.

So let us pray ikhwaniy and akhawatiy... Let us pray that Allah brightens our hearts with his Nur. That Allah cleanses our souls and forgives us of our sins. That He may lift the hijab that blocks our hearts from comprehending and knowing Him, The Almighty. The Lord of Everything... Amiin

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