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04 April 2007

Favourites, Currents, Firsts, Lasts, Have-you-evers...

Got tagged again by Sis. Amirah.

Favourite Colour: Blue!
Favourite Food: Burger at Ayub's?
Favourite Movie: The Message.
Favourite Sport: Martial Arts.
Favourite Day Of The Week: Friday, cos' I like Friday.
Favourite Ice Cream: Chocolate. Especially Cornetto.
Favourite TV Shows: Numbers!

Current Mood: Lazed out. If there is such a phrase.
Current Taste: Bad.
Current Clothes: Slacks?
Current Desktop: P4 2.66Ghz. Envious at my bro's PC. AMD X2 3800.
Current Toenail Color: Natural!!
Current Time: 1241 hrs.
Current Annoyance: Assignments!!!!
Current Thoughts: PSM... PSM... PSM...

First Best Friend: Yusuf the Bio Dude.
First Crush: Hey! It's. A. Sec. Ret. Not crushed no more.
First Movie: Uhhhh...
First Lie: Uhhhh...
First Music: Dunno... "Rijal"?

Last Cigarette: Nevaaah!! I'm pure!
Last Drink: NEVAAAH!! Truly pure! Oops. Misunderstood this... Hmm... Ais KOSONG!!
Last Car Ride: Back home after eleven.
Last Crush: Hey! Takkan nak beritahu kot?
Last Phone Call: My friend and bro, Af!
Last CD Played: Eyh? I have a CD drive eh? (the internet sufficed so far for all my digital needs, so nampak sangat lama tak pakai CD drive)

Have you ever dated one of your bestfriends: Nevaaaaah!!! I. AM. SOOOO. NOT. GAY!!
Have you ever broken the law: Yep. Speeding.
Have you ever been arrested: Nevah! I said I'm pure right?
Have you ever skinny dipped: Hum... Maybe when I was a baby?
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: Of course! I still have Great Aunts and Uncles whom I know little about.

With this I tag:

  1. Zakri2
  2. Kakcik
  3. Bai
  4. 'Abidah
  5. Angah
Zakri (lagi!! huahaha!), Abyd, Kakcik, Angah. (kang tag reramai kang sume orang tak reti plak nak tag sape, biorle)

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