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22 September 2007


Episod 4: Terawih

The latest episode of Upin & Ipin. Heheh! Like I said. They're cute.

Click here to see all 4 episodes. Best woo~!

Below are some quotes for this episode:
"Kak Ros~! Cepat la~! Kitaorang nak pergi solat tawarih dah ni!" - Upin
"Hak ala. Bersolek la tu!" - Upin again.
"Hng. Betul!Betul!Betul!" - Ipin, nodding his head affirming his words.


"Waa~! Laaawanya Akak~!" - Upin.
"Uuwuh~!" - Ipin. Both making gestures about their sister.
"Eeee-ih!" - Kak Ros while raising her hand in an about-to-spank gesture.
'Uh-oh. Heheheh!" - Twins, going to hide behind Opah. (reminds me of teletubbies when they did this, seriously).
Heheh! Told ya! Have fun then.

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