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23 September 2007


Ooops. The ads appeared again.

This kinda weird though. This time around, I intend to try inline ads. But then, they also appeared in the main page of my blog, or whenever they I list out my posts as archive or by tags.

I guess don't really have much control over what appears for the ads.


Anyhow... Today we're going break our fast at Batu Pahat. We'll be visiting an Arab ex-colleague of mum and his family.

I actually pity him for a bit, because he's a doctor, and he's like the only person in his position at the hospital. That means that he's gonna be on call for everyday of the month. Unless of course, someone relieves him. I guess that only comes at rare times, such as when he really needs to take a break, or the like.

The last time we went for an iftar there, we got ourselves filled to the brim. I guess these Arabs really hold high esteem for the guests, giving all they can to "layan" their guests. It one of the things I respect in them, if not all Arabs, then certainly this one family.

It's kinda cool though. Having Arab friends in our own country. It's certainly a difference from the normal people we usually hang around with.

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