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22 September 2007


"Listen to me, we have to do this perfectly. Let's do this like we rehearsed. No one deviates from the plan unless something major happens to push us off track. And THEN you may react accordingly. Am I clear?" The Major expressed his orders.

"Sah! Yais sah!"

The squad consisted of four young men. All able bodied, all trained to use their bodies as weapons of war and murder (imagine a face pulled in a grimace here and scowling. YEARGH~!). Yep. Perfectionists of Assasinations and Murder. That's why their squad is designated PAM.

"Uh... Boss. 'Ow come our squad's name sounds so girly?"

"You know, private... If you were any cleverer you'd be my superior." Said the Major in dangerously calm voice. "BUT YOU'RE NOT!!! SO SHADDAP AND FOCUS NITWIT!!"

"Uh... Yes sir." Private Jim replied, diminutive and subdued.


Okay. I got bored of this too...

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