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22 September 2007


PHP is defined as Hypertext Preprocessor. Yes. I know. It doesn't look like it can be abbreviated in such a way. But the original term for PHP did (Personal Home Page).

I'm not going into a lengthy narrative of the history of PHP, but I'm gonna kinda tell you a story.


PHP - Infiltration.
By: 'Umayr Sayfurrahman.

Once upon a time, there lived a race of people in a city called, The Server. That race was called PHP, and they were called so because they were of a race that has to modify, process and combine themselves as Client Pages as soon as they get a Request from outlying homes called Clients. Which are of course, where Users reside. The owners of Clients. Collectively, the PHP Pages form a Program Software; a community of collective functionalities (which the PHP Pages were when they do their jobs).

Ah~! They were a proud race. Proud of what they do. Taking glee in doing mt_random(1, 2) specifications in their jobs, or even just plain being required_once() by another PHP page. Hey... It was all fine with them.

The Server was known as a secure place. Nothing besides PHP pages can be placed on that Server. Except, of course, with permission from The Creator of Pages. As it is, the Creator of Pages has made it such that Client Requests should not harm his beloved PHP Pages. Well... They *were* his beloved creations. He also had to protect other Clients from Malicious Clients, thus the permissions and security.

Many CPU Cycles went by. The PHP Pages went on with their existences, gaining more and more Pages as The Creator added more and more of his creations to the Server. Before, there were only Pages that looked after jobs liked Logging in like Login.php and VerifyLogin.php, or pages that did the PR with the User and serves processed Front-Page information like index.php. Now, there were Pages that did other jobs such as Mathematics Calculations such as MathCalc.php and Advanced Mathematics Calculations such as AdvMathCalc.php.

Now, even the demeanor of the Pages has a certain variety. NeuralNet.php has an aloof demeanor, constantly demanding Resources whenever a Request needs her. All her AI sisters tend to have the same demanding nature. Pages like RegistrationForm.php however, had an inquisitive nature. Always wanting to ask questions about Users. Then there were the Delete Pages, Pages dedicated to deleting from The Server's storage faculty; MySQL.

One day, a User Requested to Upload A File. So Pages FileUploadForm.php took care of receiving The File and passed it on to FileUpload.php who put The File in the UploadedFiles Folder; a home for Uploaded Files.

The User then disappeared again.

Another few CPU Cycles passed. It was then that The Creator logged into the Server. The PHP Pages were excited with wonder and fearful at the same time. Would any of them get Edited? They knew from previous experiences that any Page that was Edited would change in nature; if not wholly then partly. Or would there be any additions? But the worst fear they had, was of Deletion. Any page that was Deleted never, in their experience, came back. It was a destruction that lasted forever. With nary a hope of returning. But then The Creator was The Creator. He was free to do what he liked with his creations. And the Pages were accepting of that.

The Creator made a few Requests. Edited a few Pages, making them more efficient at their tasks and made changes to The Directory. He made specific new Folders for Pages with similar or related jobs. And he logged out.

Then before any other Client made any other request, the User Requested to execute The File just uploaded in the FileUpload folder. All of a sudden, a few new PHP Pages appeared the top-level PHP residence in The Server and The File disappeared from the FileUpload folder. They were GetMeYourCreds.php and YouAreWormed.php. Then the next few Requests came. The first, was for GetMeYourCreds.php who went in MySQL, searched for The Creator privileges, and returned the The Creator Username and Passwords. Then he deleted himself, smirking dangerously at the other Pages. Then the next Request came...

YouAreWormed.php immediately went to work, Editing some Pages and deleting most others. he also forced the AI Sisters to execute over and over until the CPU was running at full power to sustain the Resource demands of The AI Sisters. Then the Server shut down.


When the Server went online again. The Creator was aghast at what he found. His beloved Pages were destroyed. The Software he had so tediously been building was now destroyed. He knew now, that he had been hacked, by the last User, who was apparently a Hacker.


The END.

Okay... I got lazy enough to stop writing.

©2007, 'Umayr Sayfurrahman. Ask permission to post elsewhere!

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