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20 September 2007


Episod 1: Esok Puasa

Episod 2: Dugaan

Episod 3: Nikmat

[update 22.09.2007]
Episod 4: Terawih


I love these little dudes~! Ahahaha~! Funnay~!

Here are some of my favourite quotes:
"Betul!Betul!Betul!" - Ipin to Upin


"Kak Ros bukak TV berapa tuh?" - Ipin

"TV Semilaan!!" - Kak Ros

"Ha! Bagus!Bagus!" - Ipin


"Ei... Kamu berdua kan puaaaa~se?" - Mei Mei

"Uuhhh... Puasa! Puasa!" - Upin and Ipin to Mei Mei


"Bis-mil-laaaaaa-hirr-rah-maaaaa-nir-ra-him! Aamin!" - Upin and Ipin, hungry for food during fast-breaking.

Reminds me of when we were small. Heheh~!

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