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16 June 2006

Wisdom Through Experience

I have always been fascinated by the act of gaining experience. No matter what sort; so long as it brings something relatively new to me, something that I can take part in; have a role.

Experience has been a major objective for all my endeavors. For I believe that with experience, one may gain wisdom otherwise hidden from him/her.

Not many men are gifted with wisdom. I do not deny that many of today's world are geniuses in their own relative right. Even if they are not so, at least they are clever, bright or intelligent. Yet as awesome as one's intellectual capacity may be, they may not be able to see certain rights or wrongs in actions that demand morals and ethics. Cold logic would not be able to solve such fluid problems as is the nature of morality.

How does one comprehend wisdom then? How does one relate the set of moral values acquired by theoretical learning? To do so, one must first and foremost relate such values to life. One must relate to one's self; relate to the lives of family and friends; relate them to the community as a whole. One must be in the community. ONe must feel and experience life. One must cherish all emotions and appreciate them. One must learn consequences of on's actions. All this... One must comprehend and truly appreciate the beauty of experience in life. Then, maybe only then, can wisdom come.

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