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16 June 2006


Ever asked yourself "what makes a good writer?" Is it imagination? Or maybe experience? Is it emotion? Or just plain detachment? My personal answer... I not so sure. Some people say, though, that reading a LOT is important. Maybe it is... Whatever reason though, I make sure I read a lot.

I have been fascinated with books ever since I was a little more than two years of age. Ever since a newspaper photographer took a picture of me holding a book (never mind that it was upside down). I got so fascinated, with myself that I actually wanted to read. My parents encouraged it more with books as presents. With going to the library. Even school in my primary years had that special time in the afternoon where everyone sat down to read.

I love reading. I used to read everything. Ok, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but I did read almost everything that came in front of my eyes. To this day, I still couldn't resist anything readable that is of interest. Sometimes I'd get lost the subject I was reading.

Now, with the internet, reading becomes much more interesting, what with information being a click away. Sometimes I could get literally lost in thw web. Looking up matters of interest via search engines and then following links that relate to associated subjects. Hours could be lost just spending time to follow subjects so broad.

One of the first really serious books that I read was Hikayat Hang Tuah. An epic saga of the most renowned Malay hero ever. Of course, it was in Malay... The Hikayat form of it. The language was beautiful in its own way. A bit hard to understand, but beautiful nevertheless. Not many would bother to read it in such form though.

Whenever I read, I was transported into the world described in the book. The ecstasy of experiencing things that happens to the characters of the book. The wonder of flashing emotions throughtout the story. The beauty of seeing an insight of life. All those, are only part of reading.

Reading differs to each and every person. If you can find for yourself a reason to read. Then you will have found that a new door has opened for you to a whole other realm.

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