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18 June 2006

The Reality of A Doc's Life

Read this...

When I read this, I was so touched. Why? Because my mum is a doctor. I guess being part of a doctor's family gives you an extra edge towards empathizing with the lives of doctors.

Not many really understand doctors. And to that effect, most are either afraid of doctors, dislike them or plainly despises them. Many people think that doctors are "pencekik darah" people who leech out money from their patients. But not many know that in actuallity, many goverment doctors are paid less than their due.

Many people in Malaysia do not understand doctors and their world. They cannot possibly perceive the stress that doctors have to go through everyday. Theirs is a different world.

My mum sometimes tells her experience at work. She tells of people who doesn't respect doctors. She tells of people who are of such selfishness, that they do whatever just to get back at perceived insolence. These people do whatever they like and when told about respecting hospital operation they perceive it as insolence and rudeness. Up to the point my mum had to explain herself even though she was doing the right thing.

When I look at my mum and her vigour and faith in helping people, I can only see a very strong woman whose dedication I may not ever be able to rival. Yes. I do go to schools over Johor to motivate the students. Yes. I am the head of one club in my IPT. And yes. I do have a lot of things that I have to dedicate to. But when I compare myself to my mum, I do not think I can ever possibly comprehend the level of dedication that she puts into being a mum, being a wife and being a doctor all at once.

I have met some of my parents' friends who are doctors. And to this moment, I do not think I have met many as sincere and dedicated as they are. I have seen their achievements with my own two eyes, and I can safely say that there are not many who can do so much with so many burdens and responsibilities.

Overall... Even though I do not aspire to become a medical doctor myself, I can only admire and respect those people who actually set their minds and spirit to walk the path of a doctor. Even more so a Muslim Da'ie doctor. To those who have begun walking this path, I pray to Allah that you may achieve many things in this life and in the afterlife. May Allah bless your sincerity in your work.

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