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20 June 2006

Books Read; Books Absorbed; Books Consumed by The Bookworm

Read thus far (not full list):

  1. Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time Series (all)
  2. JRR Tolkien: Lord of The Rings Trilogy (yeah!! read all...)
  3. Star Wars New Jedi Order Series (still missing a moajor major part of the story)
  4. Anne Rice: Vampire Chronicles Series (3 or 4 books)
  5. Robert Ludlum: Bourne Trilogy (didn't read the sequel by Lustbader)
  6. Cate Tiernan: Wicca Series (most - don't remember how many)
  7. Eoin Colfer: Artemis Fowl Series (1st book only)
  8. Marion Zimmer Bradley: Darkover Series (2 books)
  9. Douglas Adams: Hitchhiker Trilogy (50% - have yet to complete the second half)
  10. Frank Herbert: Dune Series (1st book so far)
  11. K J Parker: Scavenger Series (2 books / 3)

Read over the last holiday period:

  1. Michael Crichton: Prey, Andromeda Strain
  2. Susan Cooper: The Dark Is Rising Series (3 books / 5)
  3. Tamora Pierce: The Lioness Rampant Quartet (4 / 4)
  4. Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code, Angels And Demons

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