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16 June 2006

Dilemma; Haunting and ARRRRRGH!!

DILEMMAS... What are they? What makes them so hateful?

DILEMMAS are hungry little animals that for you to relax, then eat your head of you... You believe that? (GOD, naive people still exists!!) Here's the real def: dilemmas are those things that happen when you are faced with two decicions of equal importance/priority to you. NOW you can believe me. Hey... Your fault for being naive. I didn't make it so.

MYSELF... I hate such times when that happens... The last week, I was faced with several dilemmas. Go KONSIS or not? Go Microsoft MEDC or not? PaLS Rehlah or Camp? Heck... Sometimes dumb mattresses have more advantages over humans!! (this statement is a direct influence of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker series).

HOW did I solve my dilemmas then? Heck... I didn't really. Well at least I haven't. the KONSIS decision was made through help from a bro of mine. The others... well... They still haven't occured yet. So there's still time to think on it.

PROBLEM is... Thinking on it takes brainpower. I mean, if you compare computers and brains (hey, I'm an SC-grad-to-be, what other analogies could there be?!), then you would find that if computer memory has too much in it, processing power will lag. Likewise the brain. If you have too much on your mind, the resulting occurence: stress. Which brings about LAG in THOUGHT and WILL. Heck... nasty ain't it?

SO what else should I do? People? Any suggestions? No? And I thought I was writing to a group of intellects here... Maybe that's what they call The SS Syndrome (Syok Sendiri). So what should I do? I knock them off, outta my head! Genius trick ain't it? Not everyone can do that you know... I mean, most people get mired in their own problems, until they stress themselves out on something unimportant. At least something less important if not unimportant.

KNOCKING things outta your head doesn't really mean forget and move on... It'll come back to you later, if you do that (these dilemma thingies are like ghosts; tendency to come back haunting). What I mean is... Knock them outta the conscious proportion of your head, then pray that new data shows itself that is of use to decision making. Solve your problem? No? Well it isn't supposed to... It's supposed to solve MINE! Ahha! Gotcha there...

OK... So maybe not everyone can "knock problems out" but hey, the best solution to a dilemma is simply to choose. Then hope and pray to Allah that your decision was right. In that sense, solat istikharah wil help a lot, and I mean a lot. It'll at least ease your conscience if not anything else. And then look at it from this angle; getting help from THE MOST POWERFUL being in the universe should be THE BEST help you can get ever. Who am I talking about?? Don't act stupid... Of course I'm talking about ALLAH SWT.

CHOOSING'S the easiest and simplest way. You could also compromise. Say if you had to attend two functions that's happening simultaneously. You could go to one halfway, then attend the other the rest of the way. It all depends on your objectives. You might not have to have all of one thing to achieve your objectives.

NOW we come to the part I least like in all writing projects. Part that I hate most cause I hate things to end, not to mention that I suck at it. Yeah... It's the conclusion. Ok... Let's see... (1) Dilemmas are multiple choice decision times where the choices are of equal importance/priority; (2) other people can help you with dilemmas, you only need to ask; (3) dilemmas tax your resources, especially brainpower and will; (4) Dilemmas can be overcome, they're not the worst of problems; (5) Dilemmas can be forgotten, but they will come back if not taken care of; (6) dilemmas should be taken care of in your own way; (7) dilemmas are best solved by simply CHOOSING a choice; and finally (8) you could take the extra way - COMPROMISE.

SO then... That'd be all for now... If you didn't catch anythings I mentioned in this writing, then GOD bless you and I pray that experience helps you on your way. Not my fault that you couldn't read between the lines.

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