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01 June 2007


When I look back at my old posts, I laugh at the immaturity of my writing. How pure the innocence and naivette.

Take this for example:
Dilemma; Haunting and ARRRRRGH!!

That was written close to a year before. Maybe even more. Compare it to this:

See the difference? The first post was literally shouting, "LOOK AT ME!! I AM HERE!! I WANT ATTENTION!!" Whereas the second post places less emphasis on the eyes of others and more on an introspection of the self, and the flow of life.
"A year is a lot of time for a person to grow, ustazah." [me to one of my teachers after a year out of school]
It seems to me that I am a different person each year. Comparing the me of this year and the me of the last, I believe that this year's me have gotten a little more serious and a tad less rash. This year's me would consider a lot of things before he jumps into a new project. As opposed to the last year's me who would jump into new projects - although old ones still need finishing up - without too long a delay just for the sake of experience and the high rush of activity.

Today, I prefer taking a deliberate pace. Looking at things with focus. At the same time, not loosing the big picture. I now try to have the end in mind even before I start. Although I do not always succeed, to try is always better than to not try at all.

I am actually thinking seriously now about my future. What I am and what I will be. Who I am and who I will be. I now consider the paths of life opened up to me so far and the paths of life I have yet to explore. It all seems like a grand adventure, yet in all of my exeberance, I now look at adventure in a different perpective. It's not anymore the wild fun as I would see adventure just a mere few years back, but it's now a battle plan. Devising a strategy to tackle life and its obstacles. To place myself in society. To find my identity and an island of peace amongst brothers. And to hopefully, become an island of peace myself to others.

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