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06 June 2007


I get jealous of the Islamist movements in Indonesia. Why? It's because of their sincerity and their ability to push and push and push the da'wah to all kinds of people.

They even have "Usrah Pencopet Saku.*" One story regarding this group went something like this:
An Ustaz went into the area where pickpockets were rampant. And he lost his wallet. He complained to a friend of his, who apparently was the murabbi of this "Usrah Pencopet Saku."

The murabbi then went to his group to ask about his friend's wallet.

Murabbi: Here... My friend, an Ustaz, just lost his wallet. I wonder if any of you knows where it is.

Mutarabbi: Hmm... The color and appearance?

The murabbi told him.

Mutarabbi: Hold on moment.

The mutarabbi goes off for a while. Then he comes back with the described wallet.

Mutarabbi: Here it is.

Mutarabbi passes the wallet to his murabbi and the murabbi passes it back to the owner.
When I heard of "Usrah Pencopet Saku", I laughed. Although the irony of it does strike me, I have to say to say that here in Malaysia, I doubt anyone from any Islamic movement group has achieved that kinda level. With the eagerness to actually reform people extending even to these kinds of people. People who would usually receive looks of disapproval just because of what they do. Granted, pick-pocketing is not an honest job. But who knows why they do it, if people do not care to approach them and try to understand them?

Whenever I think back on this matter, I get jealous. Not jealous as such that I intend to take them down outright, but jealous in reflectance of our (me especially) inadequacies.

I really hope that one day, Malaysia becomes an Islamic nation in the purest of senses. A nation that fears God with sincerity and it reflects in the society.


* Usrah pencopet saku is my designation of their usrah. Just for easy reference.

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