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12 December 2006

Xpert Chronicles: Day Two

Woke up. Felt lazy to actually rise up from the place where I slept. Daym hard.

After a while of Pak Cu's "jenguk²", rose up and went straight into the toilet. Spent 15 minutes settling everything from cleaning up to waste disposal.

Prayed Subuh. Jama'ah. Then ma'thurat (almost forgot again, but reminded by the kids, shamed again). A bit of tadzkirah for them on Do'a Rabitah.

Let them off to settle themselves personally and hygienically.

Waited for akhawat to arrive. Then passed the document containing the next few tasks for them. Akrab Persahabatan, Teman Sejati, Kau Sahabat Kau Teman and Hai Hai Bai Bai.

Akrab Persahabatan
Task: plan for the afternoon task (Teman Sejati). Stage of planning and initial preparation. Objective: activity planning procedures.

Told them to start discussion straight away. So they did. For a while. Then breakfast arrived.

Called for a facilitator meeting at the same time. So whilst we discussed they ate.

After that, we ate and they discussed until 9:00 am.

9:00 am: called them for a briefing on the basics of the program. Mostly they had to create/design activities with resources we provide.

Then they started to work on their project. Discussions, discussions and discussions.

Lunch was delicious. Munawwar said to mention so. It was ayam percik and veges and rice and a few other lauk.

Teman Sejati
Task: execute activities to get to know the local teenage community. Try to get them to follow the activities and ibadah through the night.

Got to the Surau early. Went early. Arrived early. Approximate time of arrival: 2:25 pm.

Since there was no one of the execution committee there yet; went and reconnoitred the entrance points for the ascent to the Bukit Soga peak. Fellow facilitators were rather beguilled by the fact that the formal entrance to "Hutan Lipur Bukit Soga" was in the midst of a housing area. Already expected such. Was like that when first came.

Second arrival at surau shows arrival just at the right time. Met with Bro Farhan again. But he couldn't stay long; had to go back to work.

The program began after a while. At the minute of this writing, introductions are being held. Taaruf seems to be going fine between the Xpert participants and the locals. Registration yields 36 local teens. Congratulates the participants in own mind.

Went and had a general look at the progress of the Xpert Participants at handling an activity. Impression so far: a lot to be improved. Taaruf was still a bit "kaku". Had to help them out a bit.

The teams divided the day's activities between them. Perak took the night's activities. Selangor took the afternoon's.

Selangor already had to modify and improvise their plans. The weather did not seem good enough for absolute outdoor activities.

The kids played "Goreng Pisang". Watched them for a bit. Up to one point it had come to the word "korban". The receiving team returned "korban orang"!! Imagine that! Haha! Another one was the word "mana". The receiving team returned "mana mana"! Hilarious!

It turned out that the team for the outdoor activity went on with their original plan. Aaaaand whole contingent got caught in the rain. Great. really great. Got wet. Most wet.

Then they made another decision. They further decided to go on with the plan. Reasoning: now that everyone's already wet, might as well.

They did 'Asar prayers at the entrance to the forest. In the rain. Woah... Super woah. Then they continued the original plan for the obstacle course.

Approximately 5:10 pm; ordered the ones who have finished to return to the surau. No use being kept wet when you can already get dry.

Returned to the surau. Got dry. Then after a while, ate some snacks provided by the local pakcik/makcik community (guessing).

And then it was time for the next activity: Kau Sahabat Kau Teman.

Kau Sahabat Kau Teman
Task: i'tikaf at a masjid, tadzkirah after maghrib or 'isya'. Discuss clues for 3rd Day and strategies for getting there quickest.

Settled down at the surau. Oh... It was a surau. Not a masjid.

Ate dinner. Socialized with the kids. Got to know them beter.

Did Maghrib Prayers. Jama'ah. Of course.

Watched the kids group up. Three groups. Broke the Selangor group (now without tasks but to help the Perak team). Hannan gave a briefing for the kids on the night's program.

Then they tadarrused. "Bismillahi r-Rahmaani r-Rahiim... to the end of the reading."

Prepared for 'Isya' after that. In the front saf when suddenly the Maghrib Imam passed the mic to us. Oops.

Opened the next activity block with 3S and the Kasih Sayang terminology attribution. Then passed on the mic to Hannan for the next activity.

Forum Perdana. Have heard that it's gonna be a bit different. The moderator was Maheer; the panels were Faris, his twin Fais, Meor Azim and Aiman.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for. The games. They conducted the game 5 cent, 10 cent for the kids. Watched them at it. The kids had fun. The Xpert participants had fun. Until they rationalized it. Apparently it was a simulation of valuing another person. And they made it as if the kids were valuing their friends as ONLY 10 cents or 5 cents. And if they don't need the cents, they'll kick out their friends.

Then the program for the day came to an end.

Hai Hai Bai Bai continued on Day Three's Chronicles.

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