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12 December 2006

Xpert Chronicles: Day One

Woke up. Felt tired, maybe due to last night's late bedtime. Late due to tag-making. Got ready; packed the bag. Was thinking quite unclearly.

Scrambled frantically to meet the time limit. Deadline 7:30 am at rendezvous point. Arrived at 7:50. Good thing fuel sufficed.

Topped up fuel. Exchanged important Xpert material with Kak Fida. Acquired Xpert program package. Gave the tags in return.

Zoomed all the way to the BP Bus Station. Arrived at 9:35 am. Immediately went to meet Perak participants. Kinda took them by surprise. Introduction with bewildered faces on them.

Gave first task. 3 Abduls.

3 Abduls
Task: sell prepared items brought along for total amount RM300 at least. Points given on strategic planning, marketing tactics and group mobilization.

Left them after Selangor group arrived and briefed. Headed straight to next destination: Masjid in Parit Raja near BSN. Zuki accompanied.

Arrival at the time of Zuhr. Straightaway did prayers; jama'ed and qasared. Then tried to rest in waiting. Felt superbly drowsy. Drifted to sleep soon as I laid my head on the floor.

2:30 pm. Received report from both teams. Apparently both on the way, on the same bus.

Waited still more. Stomach cried to be filled.

Met Mak Cu. Just briefing Makcik when participants arrived; time 3:15 pm. God knows how long time seemed before that moment.

Debriefed them. Then straight away briefed for next activity: Pak Belalang.

Pak Belalang
Task: to visit and help out with the day's chores at the homes of selected poor people. Or any other chores for that matter.

Drove team Perak guys to Nenek Rahimah's home. First impression: very poor. Single small wooden house. Estimate about 3 rooms; living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Greetings exchanged. Team Perak seems a bit frozen. Probably since it's their first time exposed to such in adequacy. Decided to briefly join in. The participants seemed to need somebody to begin. Began the interaction while helping Amin to initiate activity. Tackled Bro Zaidi (i think?) whilst Amin tackled Nenek Rahimah and her foster daughter.

Went out again to join Pak Cu. Decided against dominating the scene. The kids needed to actually DO to acquire experince.

Outside, "Sembang-sembanged" with Pak Cu for a while then gave the marker for the guys to leave in a little more time.

Went back to say farewell to the hosts.

When back in the car, questioned; might say interogated the participants to see how much the learnt or extracted from the hosts. Rather satisfactory. Evident progress.

Went to Pak Cu's and settled down. After settling down, briefed participants on Musang Berjanggut.

Musang Berjanggut
Task: cook something based on ingredients provided. Plan the process, delegate the tasks. New objective: do simultaneous with Tadzkirah; measure to tackled time shortage problem.

Initial activity seemed like a flurry of going-ons. Participants took turns between doing tasks and freshening up. They also collaborated between the groups. Suddenly after a while it seemed like only a few are cooking and planning the Tadzkirah.

Maghrib prayers. Unfortunately forgot to do ma'thurat. Shamed for failing to initiate.

Stopped for a while for tadzkirah (see below).

They laid the food down for the guests. The esteemed teenage guests. And few facilitators. The plan was let the guests eat first. This is due to the fact that the curry was not going to finish cooking before 9:00 pm. And the guests could not stay too long. Joined in. Purpose: to "raikan tetamu".

Later on after the guests have gone back and the curry has finished cooking the participants laid down the food for themselves. Watched as they did so. Could not join in due to having a full stomach. Treated

it with drinks anyway.

After they finished eating; continued for the nest activity: Rationalization for Day One.

Rationalization (Day One)
Collective sharing of experiences and emotions. A bit of pointers and highlights on management, public speaking and socializing. Basically that is all.

Continued in Day Two's Chronicles.

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