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12 December 2006

Xpert Chronicles: Day Four

Woke up. Fell asleep again. Arrgh!! So hard to keep awake! Consequence of last night's meeting til three. Gotta get some rest.

Woke up again. Went and washed and freshened up. Prayed Subh. Went to the Baiduri Hall. Pak Long and the other Paks were there. Apparently the participants also failed to wake early.

After some Picit² Urut² and some Berbual², Pak Anjang did In-Team.

Task: express feelings and pent-up emotions to friends. Apologise for all wrongs and mistakes you did and forgive all wrongs and mistakes that friends did.

Did In-Team. Phased out. Nothing much registered of the morning besides the fact that these guys did In-Team.

Then we had breakfast.


Breakfasted with Nasi Lemak. Sambal was not adequate. But to heck with that. Was hungry; so just ate.

Photo Shoot

Forgot to mention. Last night; had photo shoot. All state reps had to pose and have the group photos taken. A few last ones on day four. Morning of day four.

Jurnal XPERT
Task: make a multimedia presentation based on videos and pictures you've taken over the four XPERT days to chronicle your journey from there to here.

The kids presented what they did over the four days. Some were creative. Some were... well... traditional. Rather liked what KL did for their multimedia.

Fell asleep during the last part of this activity. Couldn't hold back any longer. The fatigue was getting to me.

Suddenly it was over. Even Pak Anjang's summary. But hey, what the heck, guess we already knew the points from the last night's meeting.


After four days of grueling work, these kids can finally graduate out of the XPERT classroom. The four days have been cool. Enjoyed time as their facilitator. Especially the Perak and Selangor teams. Maybe they didn't go all they way according to my standards, but hey, who's to say they haven't made progress?

Congratulations to KL for acquiring the XPERT champion title and to PerTan for being the first runner-up.

Congratulations also to ikhwan Negeri Sembilan for their inspiring performance (even though Pak Anjang says otherwise) and akhawat Johor for theirs in Akademi Realiti.

Congratulations to Pahang for being chosen by Abu Nuha to win the game even though they did not come. Haha!

Congratulations and jazakumullahu khairan kathira to all fellow facilitators and the XPERT committee for pulling off one heck of a first-timer. You guys are the greatest.

Thanks and jazakumullahu khairan kathira to all pepakcik who helped support the programme. Whether for transportation, finance, accomodations or locality support. Thank you all.

Thanks and jazakumullahu khairan kathira to anyone and everyone who has ever had anything to do with this programme at all. Thank you all and may Allah bless us all with his rahmah; here and in the hereafter...

The End...

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