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12 December 2006

Xpert Chronicles: Day Three

Woke up. Looked at the time. 3:00 am. Slept again.

Woke up again. Looked at the time again. 4:00 am. Rose up and freshened self. Then started waking everyone else.

Started th qiyamullail at 4:30 am. Led the first solat tahajjud. Then let Mawardi continue. Everyone did 2 tahajjud prayers, 1 hajat prayer, 1 taubah prayer and a three-rakaat witir prayer.

Then did some zikr.

Went out at approximately the same time and ironed rather moist clothing (consequences of yesterday).

Did Subh Prayers. Pakcik Roslan led the jama'ah. He read the a significant lot of the surah ar-Rahman. Divided for two rakaats.

Then the Xpert participants; Zair and Maheer specifically conducted the Hai Hai Bai Bai activity.

Hai Hai Bai Bai
Task: do a "perpisahan" ceremony for the local teenagers. Make sure they become friends that is kept in contact later.

The groups combined to execute this last activity together.

They made the local teens group up in circles. Then all shook hands and embraced in farewell. Supposed it was so anyway...

Then Mak Cu gave a speech. "Alhamdulillah syukur kita kepada Allah.... To the end of her speech..."

After that, everyine went to eat.

Left for the bus station at approximately 7:15 am. Dropped the two group facilitators at the bus station and proceeded to Ulu Tiram.

Dropped by Al-Azhar for breakfast. Had the normal roti canai ration.

Continued on our way to Tiram Indah Village. Stopped at the Simpang Renggam side stop for some rest. Too drowsy to drive. Had to sleep.

Arrived at Tiram Indah Village at approximately 10:30 am. A welcoming committee of Pak Long, Kak Fidah, Insyirah and two Terengganu pengiring waited. Haha! At least it seemed like they were waiting. For us; maybe not.

Had lunch then prayed full Zuhr. Had a reason for this. All participants were to engage in the activities which include doing 'Asar at a field. So no Jama' Qasar. The facilitators also have to oblige.

Then it was time for the next activity; MP 3.

MP 3
Task: to complete the trek and any tasks on the way. Main mission and sub-missions must all be completed.

Was tasked to look after the war games section.

Location: The Stream.
Weapons: Flour-Filled Water-Inflated Balloons. And Mud.

Entered the river for initial reconnaisance. Checked out the depth and current. Also determined strategic ambush locations. Went through once then once again. Then gave the go for participant entry with stationed safety marshalls at intervals.

Briefed the first team to enter. Then entered the water. Then moved to attack position.

Then the firefight started. Many tactics were used to attack the participants. The balloon bombs weren't much use in the water and they were very limited, so we had to resort to secondary weapons stock; mud. From the riverbank.

Every team after the initial few got volleyed by the ambush team. They were also special cases. Among others; Pak Long, for being in the way and compromising our positions (Pak Long jangan marah ye! Heh!); Kak Fidah and Kak Mus, for going into the water at a bad time (sorry Kak Fidah! Bile tengah excited susah nak kawal, heh!), the pengiring who also went into the water, for not being distinguishable from the participants.

When it was all over, dipped ourselves in the water for wudhu and clean up. Then Solat in the field and back to camp.

Took a few different routes going back. Have now discovered new areas previously unexplored.

Self Service

Ate. Showered. Prayed. Rested. Prayed again. Time for Akademi Realiti.

Akademi Realiti
Task: do any sort of presentation in the form of permissible entertainment.

Watched the kids act and sing. Weren't really satisfied with most. Mostly due to lack of originality or even plain authenticity. The kids seem to be trying too hard to please the jury.

The facilitators did an act. Intoned a poem woven with songs in between. See below:

Dari Terengganu dan juga Kelantan
Dari Utara hingga ke Selatan
Masing-masing dengan semangat watan
Untuk menunjukkan yang mereka ni jagoan

Yang datang tu bukan tua2 belaka
tetapi anak2 yang muda remaja

Lagu: Remaja (UNIC)
Ingatlah masa depanmu
Janganlah kau terleka diusia remaja

Peserta yang hadir bukan calang2
mereka nie hebat bukan kepalang
4 hari nie bersama malam dan siang
yang akan sentiasa hidup untuk berjuang

Lagu: Selamat Berjuang (Brothers)
Selamat berjuang sahabatku
Semoga Allah berkatimu
Kenangan indah bersamamu
Takkan kubiar ia berlalu

Mereka datang nie semua sehati
sanggup hidup dan juga semati
tetapi boleh ke dipegang pada janji
untuk jadi teman sejati

Lagu: Teman Sejati (Brothers)
Selama ini
Ku mencari-cari
Teman yang sejati
Buat menemani
Perjuangan suci

Datang mereka bukan sebarangan
bukan juga datang dengan angan-angan
bukan juga tanggungjawab yang ringan
tetapi penuh dengan satu perjuangan

Lagu: Satu Perjuangan (Brothers)
Dengan satu perjuangan
Satu arah tujuan
Di bawah rahmat Yang Esa
Kita melangkah... Seiringan
Satu perjuangan

Perjuangan perlukan pengorbanan yang nekad
yang mungkin berlaku setiap dekad
dan boleh berlaku pada setiap saat
tetapi mereka semua datang dengan satu tekad

Lagu: Satu Tekad (UNIC)
Berikan aku pedoman
Arah mana jalan kejayaan
Timur utara juga selatan
'Tau arah mentari terbenam

Itulah dia doa dari kami
semuga akan sentiasa kekal abadi
dulu, kini dan hingga akhirnya nanti
muga hidup kita sentiasa Allah berkati.

Lagu: Allahu (Raihan)
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu...
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu...

Tamatpun dah...

Lagu: Alhamdulillah (Raihan)
Alhamdulillah pujian bagi Allah,
Subhanallah maha suci Allah,
Allahuakbar Allah maha besar,
Segala puji hanya bagi Allah...

Muhasabah/Rationalization: The Facilitators

God knows that the meeting was a havoc. It was great in a way. All of us had lots of things to share. Some more than others. There were also issues brought up that were unforeseen before. It was good to share the experience after being isolated for sometime at each of our respective locations.

After the meeting... Slept. How I waited for the moment.

Continued in Day Four's Chronicles.

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