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13 November 2006

Plans, Ambitions, Aspirations... But Short-Term?

Here's what I'm gotta do in the next weeks (I think... And God willing):

  1. Start to REALLY think about PSM I & II. Maybe convert one of my projects towards that end.
  2. Prepare exams (3 left as of now).
  3. Prepare software framework.
  4. Prepare software requirements specification doc.
  5. Take exams (like above; 3 left).
  6. Plan for certain "travel programs" (hehe! top secret). Two to be exact.
  7. Plan PPMT.
  8. Go to man a showcase on KRj.
  9. Go to one sister's wedding.
  10. Execute the "travel programs" mentioned above.
  11. Execute PPMT.
  12. Extort some free Iqra' members to go to a HEP program *laughs deviously at this*.
  13. Facilitate with R2J proceedings.
  14. Facilitate KRj activities.
  15. Register next semester subjects.
  16. Finish of ONE software design and implementation.
  17. Finish a few more books. Hopefully some 'ilmiyyah ones.
Oh God!! What IS this?? I am so gonna kill meself with this list... Don't take it literally!!

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