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22 November 2006

Email Paranoia... Email, Email, Email...

Yup.... Like the title says.

I do NOT like chain mail. REALLY dislike. If I get any... Tup, tup, shut eyes... Open eyes. DELETED!

I do NOT like emails that give focus on "CONSPIRACY", oh pardon me, "ALLEGED CONSPIRACY". What with the Christian Cross on the roof of KUSTEM, Cross shaped pens, Allah's name allegedly printed on plastic cups, Allah's name allegedly printed on slipper soles... Aaaand many more.

I do NOT like forwarded emails. Especially if they were forwarded without thinking. ESPECIALLY when that already is true, the senders don't even know how to get rid of the annoying previous senders header. Yup... Exactly what it is. AN-NOY-ING!

I do NOT like rubbish email. The ones that when you read 'em, makes you gag. Ok, so maybe not gag. But enough to make you loath them anyway.

I do NOT like emails that were written as if you were writing a phone text message. What's the freakin' use of the QWERTY keyboard then?!? It's not even the Multiple-Key Keypad where you might have to type a number a few times to get what you want.

But... I don't know la... The seasons are changing. You know what it's called, E-MAIL. So it's easy to forward without thought. So it's easy to write garbage mail... Hey... It's not even expensive... Why SHOULD you labor to write... At one time in the past... If you want to send mail... At least you have to spend a few cents... And that's if the destination's relatively close, if you're mailing far away?? Probably it'll consume your Ringgits, dollars... So you write with FULL grammar and punctuation. You write the sentences BEAUTIFULLY... PEEEERRRGH... It WOULD be a GOOD READ. (Even though sometimes it also be good laughs).

But NOW... Nowadays people are lazier... Lazier to write, lazier to read... Yeah. You type and type... A few words and fatigue takes you... You don't even want to look at the keyboeard anymore. Yeah... It's tiring to actually THINK, isn't it? Yeah... It's understandable. There's a bunch of world problems to worry about. So why bother with emailing properly?!


If there's a lot to worry about... Don't forward useless email. Those that do not increase your Iman. Those that do not sharpen your mind. Those that are of no use but to stuff my inbox!

If there's a lot to worry about... Write properly. At least get the punctuations right. The capitals, the upper cases, the lower cases. A period here, a comma there. If even this you do not do... Then add another problem of the world: "LANGUAGE DISAPPEARS FROM THE MINDS OF THE YOUTH".

If there's a lot to worry about... Write about the observation on actual problems! Problems that thereaten the Iman! If choose not to write about problems, then write on how to solve them... Share your experiences! Don't write on something like "Cross Shaped Pen?!", or "Cross on KUSTEM's Roof?!", or... or... others, a lot of others, that are more ignorant... These articles... increase your amal? These articles... increase your iman? Many a but speculation... Fitnah is everywhere. Prejudice is everywhere.

If there's a lot to worry about... Why don't we look for sources of knowledge? The first; al-Qur'an. The second; as-Sunnah. The third; ijma'... and so on... Why do not verify the origins of news?? Why do we forward emails because we fear the "CHAIN LETTER" azab?! Where is your mind that Allah has gifted? Where is the soul that can the ? Where? Where?

He who is not satisfied with the attitude of people,
He who is not satisfied with his lowly self,
He who is frustrated with the laziness of the Ummah to think and comprehend...
He is I...

'Umayr Sayfurrahman bin Ainullotfi
Computer Science (Software Engineering).

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