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04 February 2007

The School and The Hospital

Now you might wonder what school has to do with hospital. The thing is, those two happened to be my destinations this afternoon. And now here I am, typing happily on this computer powerful enough to make me jealous writing to this cosy lil' blog-o-mine.

But I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself here. Lemme start from the beginning.

I have three sisters, two of them are having major exams this year. Of those two, one of them decided to stay at the school's hostel.

It happened that she had the weekend off (meaning she gets to return home for that duration). And it also turns out that the hostel's rules and regulations said to return before 6pm Sunday.

Today is Sunday...

How about the hospital you say?

Ah... So you see, we went to send my sister off back to the hostel. Then my mom got a call.

Ok, here's another story... She's a doc. End of story.

Continued from two paragraphs before. She got a call from one of her fellow docs. Then she said, "Let's go the hospital..."

I was like... "Huh?" And the 'huh?' being a really blurrish kinda 'huh?', y'know, since I like, didn't expect that we'd be going here and there and everywhere after sending my sister off to the hostel.


Then, great!

Then, with full acceptance of reality I went on to do my duty as my mom's driver of the day.


This computer's great!!

OK time to publish this.

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