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08 October 2006

Issues of Statement and Source?

Here's a statement I got from an email:

What can we eat nowadays?

Dear OREO Luvers,

For those who can't read Mandarin, here is the translated version
of the article attached below:


An attorney from California filed a lawsuit against Krafts,
stating that OREO produced by the company not only causes damages in
health, but also dishonestly promote their products; requesting the company to
halt the sales of OREO in the market.

OREO contains hydrogenated oil or Trans fats, to prolong the
storage of the biscuit, but at the mean time increase the consumption of
BAD CHOLESTEROL, increasing the possibility of diabetes and heart disease.


Although the research on Trans Fats affecting health has not been
concluded, the national institute of science research states that any
amount of Trans Fats consumed is not safe.

So far... THE BAN is UNCONFIRMED. They have only filed a lawsuit... Whether or not the lawsuit is passed is another story. And even that is only in California. Not the US as a whole or even Europe.

Edit: The BAN LAWSUIT has BEEN DROPPED. See edit details.

Here's a quote:
Oreo cookies should be banned from sale to children in California, according to a lawsuit filed by a San Francisco attorney who claims that trans fat -- the stuff that makes the chocolate cookies crisp and their filling creamy -- is so dangerous children shouldn't eat it.
Taken from this page (from site

Alternative source:

Why Ban Trans Fat (Oreo Case):

Those are the sources found. Ok. My point is not that you can't distribute news like this. Only do it with the correct statement AND with the right source. Distribution of news/stories that are incorrect/unfounded/baseless/gossips are what makes the Ummah's knowledge foundation weak. In goes on and on... Old mysticism not fully dispelled and new ones appear already.

The other thing is the need for us to verify news before passing it on to others. This is on the basis of guarding what is right. This is also on the basis of NOT spreading lies.


Edit details: Yup it has been dropped. But it's true that it's only in California and not in all US and Europe. The article mentioned in the alternative source mentions it.

Edit 2: Ya Allah... I keep finding inconsistencies here. Sheesh. Amendments made.

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