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27 September 2006


Listening Journal: Right now listening to Surah² Hafazan - Currently Surah asSaff

Ramadhan Journal: Still 3.5. However 2 smooth is now kinda 3. Yes! Kept "down by 16" at bay! Aaaand I got 2 + 1 added in! Yay! Allahuakbar!!

PSM Journal: Heck... Didn't know it was this hard to focus on this sucka... I gotta finish this by Friday! Work hard, 'Umayr! *ties a bandana written "work, work, work!" to forehead*

Anything-Else Journal: Transportation sucks. Gotta start off like an hour at least before class. Then walk the few KM that would take me but 10 minutes by car!! Heck... That hour takes into account

  1. Walking outside to Sri Pulai,
  2. Waiting for Bus to Tmn U,
  3. Waiting for Bus to UTM,
  4. Walking to the faculty...
  5. ...
  6. ...
  7. ...
Okay, so 5, 6, 7 are irrelevant but all that *looks at list* still would take more than an hour. An hour is the BEST scenario!

Before, I found it too troublesome so since I don't like waiting, I just walked all the friggin' way to UTM. And MAAAAN I don't wanna think of doing it everyday...

Mebbe I should just go getta bike... Hmmm... *eyeing the RM 350 bike with brake discs, suspension systems and cool gearing system*

Decor Pic: Dream Bike?
Bike is just gambar hiasan.

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