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28 July 2006

Slow But Sure Steps

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullah...

The past three weeks has been a very hectic period for me... Here's a summarised inventory:

  1. Send me bro off to register in UTM
  2. Register current semester subjects
  3. Pay late regitration compound
  4. Think of PPKI (Program Pengenalan Kelab Iqra')
  5. Think of Microsoft certificates for the CL AJKs
  6. Find out about change of naqib
  7. Do PPKI (week long)
  8. Roadshow for PPKI
  9. Think of final year project topic
  10. Get really interested in ANNs
  11. Think of new mad'u
  12. Design Microsoft Certs
  13. Start thinking on Laylu Iqra'
  14. Got final year project topic rejected
  15. Get serabut thinking some more about the topic
  16. Do some research on viable topics
  17. Got serabut some more
  18. Read a few books
  19. Send Microsoft Certs for verification and printing
  20. Absorb whole volumes of info on all sorta things
  21. Get interested in lectures
  22. Do Software Quality quiz (very open-ended Qs)
  23. Get new FYP topic (like it very much)
  24. Study/research new topic: Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Writer Identification
  25. Settle MS CL finance tie ups
  26. Go for first usrah with new naqib
  27. Go to Gunung Pulai
  28. Go to Parit Raja
  29. Get things done for Laylu Iqra'
  30. Be The Pres for Laylu Iqra'
  31. Research FYP topic summore
And that's only those I could remember... There're prolly a whole host more. Aaaand that's basically it. Things I shoulda blogged about but did not. Maybe I'll be abit more rajin next time. But until then...


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